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  1. Hey Marwan!
    You probably don’t remember me but bought your ignigma 3.0 on State St. (I told you I saw when I was 16 and your book was my birthday gift despite the fact I paid for it) and I just got done reading it! Fantastic!! I want more!! Let me know when you have more and where I can find you. Have a great one!
    P.S. I also recently saw you on the brown line a couple days ago (Thursday I believe).

    1. I take the brown line when I have to print my poems. you can download all of my books for free as e-books on this website ignigma.com. I’m always on state street so you can find me there. peace

      1. Mr. Fateen.
        I’m a white female born in Michigan. I lived there til I was 17 when I left to go live with a family member in Texas. I dated black young men in high school and was very much apart of the social scene like any other young adult. So when I moved to Texas in my senior year I was very taken back on how different the black community was and still today is. From a democratic state to a republican state is like day and night. Still today in Michigan there’s still segregation in schools and neighborhoods. When I was 18 I met my husband which is black and have been with him for 32 years. Three children and two grandbabies later I’m so thankful I’m married to an African American man that is from Texas. He’s not a victim and has taught me how to be a better American and mother. His view on life amazes me. He is a republican and many ppl cannot perceive it….thank you for talking about this. Because my family is a biracial family it’s always at the forefront of our mind how to always overcome be aware and never be a victim to anyone especially ourselves. I appreciate you. God bless.

  2. Mr. Fateen,
    People like you inspire me. In the streets of Chicago, the raw talent people possess never seizes to amaze me. You are a very exceptional individual and whether you know it or not, you bring change and enlightenment with every word you write. May peace and sunshine always find you.
    Good vibes,
    Jass – the tiny skateboard girl

  3. I don’t know if you would like to perform your poetry for free so people know who you are. I saw you today and really liked your poetry. There is this place called YCA at 2049 West Division Street. There are open mics every Tuesdays at 7pm. Everyone is welcomed.

  4. Hi, I picked up your poem on the street and took it back to read. You express yourself beautifully and have true talent. I’d like to donate a little for all the free material printing costs and such- you should post a link on your site for us non-locals 🙂

    -Sara from Pittsburgh

  5. Hey I met you today, walking down the street downtown, are meeting was destiny. You are an inspiration. Keep doing what you do.


  6. As a poet myself this is truly incredible work. i love how you speak your mind on what you believe in and put it into beautiful poetry. You are truly blessed.

  7. Hi, I saw u on the street on Saturday and u gave me ur poems but I wasn’t able to give u any money that day but u let me have them anyway and I read them and they are so beautiful, thank you for letting me read and I will be buying hard copies once they are a available again. 🙂

  8. Keeping it real. Keep it up man I want that new stuff. Very inspirational I read it on a daily and it helps me daily to get through my rough times. Thanks bro.

  9. I talked to you on the street… Gave you money for your book not understanding what I was getting. Tonight my husband and I lay in bed reading each of the books you gave me….we are both in awe of your writings! Came home early, just to read.. Thank you.. your books have been such a gift.. God bless you…thank you… Wow!!

  10. Hello Marwan,

    I bought your poem book a few weeks ago in Chicago. I wish I would have had the time to stop and chat with you. I work out of Milwaukee, WI with youth and children of color experience violence and trauma. Your writing definitely speaks volumes, and with your permission, I would be thrilled to share your work with those that I work with. Keep writing! You are writing about truth! Thank you! – Abby

  11. When I was in Chicago in August, my friends and I were walking to a store when all the sudden a man stopped us and handed us a packet of paper. I noticed it was poetry and as an aspiring writer I was very interested, however my friends weren’t so I took the packet, smiled and kept walking. Going through some of my old shopping bags today, I came across this packet and finally got the chance to read it. Your words are amazing, and the flow of your writing is like a melody in my head. I had no idea that the man on the street was a genius, but I just needed to tell you that you have a remarkable talent. Thank you for sharing your words.

  12. Hello from Ohio! My sister met you and she showed me your website. Your writing is beautiful and deep and it’s got an amazing message! You should know that you’re inspiring people across this country, and I thank you for your words! It’s amazing what we humans can so with some passion in our lives. Namaste ❤

  13. Got your book downtown not yet finised but it ls definitely an impressive piece of work bro good job keep doing what you do your effort to stand outside and sell your own work wont go in vain definitely put my mind on a journey so far keep it up. #SUPPORTBLACKBUSINESSES

  14. God works through us all; more so through this brother on state st. We’ve all seen him for a while now, read his work, and even praised him for it. Yet he provides this amazing zeal of spirituality to the unbeknownst, carving newness and a reawakening in some we’ve all but kept alive. May god in heaven watch out over this man.

  15. Hey Marwan! My names Alex. Yesterday night I had the incredible opportunity for you to offer me some of your work to read. After immediately reading the three works you handed me, I realized I had not paid you nearly enough. The depths and connections that your works reached into me, I was awe struck and thankful for blessings you put into my hand. Your work is amazing, and I’m sure you know. I can feel you do it out of heart, and your mentality of kindness is so pure. Thanks.

  16. Hey Marwan,
    Me and you talked for a little while down on state st. I was the girl with the red hair. I just Finished reading the poems you gave me. I wanted to say they are great and you inspire me to continue my poetry and to share it for people to see my talent as well. I’m glad I was able to meet you. Keep up the great work and GOD BLESS!!!!

  17. Hello from Michigan,

    I stopped and chatted with you a few weeks back on a business trip. If I know what I know now I would have picked your brain more. I’m so grateful for your dedication to your craft. The message you share is both compelling and life changing. It’s weird it’s almost like your a prophet.. nonetheless your work is impactful. I’ve passed your books on to friends and they were equally inspired. Keep up the wonderful work.

    1. Recently got this from you while walking on the street. Thank you so much for creating this. Very thought provoking. Had me doing research into certain topics. Keep on writing!

  18. Hello, I bought your book on State St., I asked you which one would you choose and you suggested 4.1 because it had more content. I didn’t have change for a $10 so you were like okay, Nonetheless, very enlightening and inspiring! So much so I’ve been up late doing my research every since. Thanks!

  19. Marwan, bought your Ignigma 4.0 while passing on state last week. I just finished and it was amazing, can’t wait to read the others. The creativity mixed with facts/history is fantastic. I walk on state everyday to work so I will see you soon and let you know in person!

  20. Hey Bro,
    Thanks again for taking the time to sit down and share some of your work and ideas the other day. I truly appreciated it. Here’s the link:

    If ever you want to record some more reach out any time.

      1. It’s cool, I figured out how to turn them to booklets. Do you ever attend any trap house Chicago events?

  21. My friend and I met you on state street today. We, not expecting anything, found your poems to be thought provoking and beautiful. Thank you for writing them and giving them to us for little to no money. I promise to share them with everyone i can.

  22. Hi Marwan, I saw you on state street today and you gave me your v3.0 book free of charge. I was the woman in burgundy pants, black tshirt, glasses, wearing a necklace that doesn’t mean anything. 🙂

    You have talent and I think you’d thrive with an online workshop. If you’re interested I’d like you to check out https://www.reddit.com/r/OCPoetry/ that’s where I post my work for feedback and help developing my skills. This is my profile if you’re interested in reading my poetry (I’ve been working on a lot of haikus lately): https://www.reddit.com/u/philomexa/

    Anyhoo it was nice running into you and I really appreciate what you’re doing.

    Edit: I’ll donate as soon as I get a chance!

  23. Words can’t describe how happy i am that I I got this from you I can’t believe it only cost me a dollar. Thanks so much everything makes so much since now this what I need I been searching for purpose Nd clarity i want to interview you on yo spare time Email me asap thanks.

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